Bigg Boss Season 5 grand finale is just 3 days to go. In the last week of the season BB offered all the finalists a suitcase with 15 lakhs to walk out of the finale if he or she is not confident. Whom do you people think that should walk out with the cash? Let us take a look into the journey and the good and bads of the finalists.

The lucky five finalists are Amar, Juhi, Mehak, Sidhharth and Akash aka Sky. Ranked on the basis of the Pros and cons and the message they are giving to the audience through their behavior in the house.

1.  Siddhartha Bharadwaj, young, energetic and aggressive is the words that describe Sid. The former splits villa winner and MTV VJ Sid is the representation Indian youth. He is young, strong and competitive. His aggression is common in younger generation and it is in the hands of the elderly to mould the aggression of the youth into some thing progressive and useful. As per his journey in the BB5 house, he always followed somebody in the house as our children will do in our house. They could be lazy, stubborn and afraid, sad and happy like SID in the BB5 house. He always needed guidance but at the end he stands like a more sensible person than any other elder person in the house.

PROS: young, energetic, sensible, handsome, friendly, funny, he regrets his mistakes and learns from them.

CONS: aggressiveness, ready to fight, laziness and foul language

Sid stands on the 1st position on my list because despite his errors and wrongs he is the best person in the house compared to others. He is giving the message of “take the guidance of sensible elders and learn from your mistakes. Be strong when you are alone and stand for the right thing”.

2. Mehak Chahal, the model, actress and item girl is the mixture of agony and righteousness. She may have a past but it doesn’t matter in the BB5. She may be playing a game but not a dirty one like others. She makes herself stand straight to any accusations made by any of the housemates. She held herself gracefully, she is friendly, forgiving and doing the tasks correctly. But she also had fights with housemates unnecessarily.

PROS: Graceful, forgiving, smart, representation of strong woman, sensible and beautiful heart, friendly

CONS:  keeps on going with arguments, unnecessary fights

Mehak stands 2nd on the list for her strong nature that didn’t shatter because of accusations that came in her way due to dirty games played by others especially Sky.  She gives the message of the dignity, strength and forgiveness of woman.

3. Juhi Parmar aka Kumkum portrayed the ideal bahu character in the serial with patience and selfless ness, but a totally different portrayal of her real self in BB5 came in front of the audience. She is totally under the influence of Pooja Bedi in the beginning and Sky later. She is influenced by Sky a lot and remained biased towards sky. She supported the wrongs doings and sayings of sky whereas she is totally fair when she is not under his influence.

PROS: Sensible, good human being, Positive, fair at times when she is not under the influence of Sky

CONS: Dominating, biased especially towards sky, arrogant, self contained.

Juhi stands 3rd in the list with her mixed character. He gave a message to the audience that she will standup for her so called friends even they are all wrong and humiliating others, to stay in the game. This is not done.

4. Amar upadhyay who played the role of righteous Mihar Virani in the legendary Ekta’s soap opera “Kyuki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi” still have fans to the character. But BB5 is not about Mihir but about the real Amar who is nothing like Mihir. He portrayed himself   as scheming, selfish and spineless character. But he is not with good qualities either. He is simple, calm, love for his family.

PROS: calm, Love for his family, not a bad human being

CONS:  Selfish to the core, cunning and scheming, not a person to be friends with, not trustable, cat on a wall ready to jump to the side of his gain.

Amar stand 4th with his selfish nature and gave a message that one should do anything in order to win a game. He won’t bother even if he is called spineless. He don’t need spine, he need money.

I don’t want to give a rank to Sky who basically does’t deserves to be in the show. But it seems he had a really good background that he is still in the show and managed to be a finalist after all that he has done in the house. From the beginning itself he is manipulative and abusive, creating fights between contestants intentionally for his again and giving an evil smile to every body. Intimidated people with his loud voice humiliated each and every person in the house including Pooja Bedi when they were not friends and tried to dominate even his friends and his so called sisters.

He wants to win by hook or crook and should go to any levels of low to get One crore.  For this he bought in  the personal things of the contestants to assassin their characters in front of the nation. Threatened people to beat them outside the house and warned every one of his political, rich and influential back ground. I am not making this up but stating the facts seen on TV. As the devoted viewer of Bigg Boss since Season 2 I feel that Sky is the worst contestant of all the seasons. Even Dolly Bindra from season 4 is much better than sky. He is the most horrible person to be with.

In the wake of the finale a grand event has been arranged to award the winner with in the presence of evicted contestants and the two amazing hosts Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt.  All the contestants of Bigg Boss season 5 except Pooja Bedi and Pooja Mishra will be performing at the event.

The above analysis is strictly based on the episodes of Bigg Boss 5. They are not related to their pasts or to their real behaviour outside the BB5 house.

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