Scientists have detected a massive black hole consuming and ripping apart a star within the constellation of Draco. Astronomers found a powerful beam of energy that had crossed 3.8billion light years and thought it as a typical ‘gamma ray burst’ from a collapsing star.

That high-energy jet of light beam was produced by a star about the size of the sun being swallowed up by a black hole a million times more massive. The event – known as Sw 1644+57 – appeared to come from the centre of a galaxy nearly four billion light years away.

This amazing discovery was reported online by the journal Science.

Warwick University’s Dr Andrew Levan said our best explanation of the event was that a massive black hole at the very centre of the galaxy had latched onto a star and ripped it apart by tidal disruption.

“The spinning of the black hole created two jets of energy, one of which is pointing straight at earth. Our solar system just happens to be looking right down the barrel of this jet of energy.”

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