Ghost Hunters Live Telecast on Syfy TV Channel on the occasion of Halloween 2010 The Ghost Hunters are back in ‘Ghost Hunters Live’ with their creepy and scary adventure this Halloween season. Syfy’s  six-hour live event of Ghost Hunting activity with the team of Atlantic Paranormal Society(TAPS) will be at the Buffalo Central Terminal.

They conduct ghost hunting with the gang inside the haunted halls to search some supernatural activity together with ther four live camera feeds that captures all the happenings, sounds and the creepy things on their way.

Also, the Smackdown superstar Kofi Kingston will appear on Ghost Hunters live tonight joining the TAPS in ghost hunting activity.

Buffalo Central Terminal is a simple railroad station used throughout the 1920s by upstate commuters traveling to New York City but now it stands as a barren edifice in Buffalo, New York that plays hosts to the spirits of former passengers.

In the years since the Terminal’s abandonment in 1979, the 17-story building has become an active source of paranormal stories One volunteer was alone in a third-floor office and saw two people (described as being dressed in old-fashioned clothing) standing at a water fountain. When he stepped closer, the people and the water fountain disappeared. The experience shook the volunteer so badly that he will no longer enter the building alone. Others have experienced random cold spots, which indicate the presence of a paranormal, throughout the terminal, especially on the train platforms. Some who have visited have asked the darkness for a response, and gotten a loud bang.

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