Like every year Mumbai is hit badly with the monsoon. Like every year there is no planning and management. The roads and tracks are filled with water, traffic jams, local trains running late. The common folks struggling to commute between work and home. Trees and walls are falling and water logs every where. People stranded on the roads struck in traffic jams for hours before reaching homes late in the night.  No safety measures in 2019 INDIA that is still developing. People dying of electrocution and getting injured is a common sight. Its not the story of Mumbai alone, all major cities are all the same. These are the so called Hitech, metropolitan cities, still people suffer. Our grand parents used to tell these stories of cyclones and heavy rains, same stories are repeated by our parents and now we also witnessing the same stories.  I doubt that our children will be telling the same stories to our grand kids again.

With all the technology and India reaching Moon and Mars,  cant we solve these problems of our own people.  India produce thousands of engineers every year.  Why don’t we use their expertise and find solutions. Why don’t the administrations care?  How many times do we need to think of same problems generation after generation.  Why can’t authorities plan ahead or at least respond better.  Why don’t people question these things? These questions are always there in our minds, right?

People are questioning, they are showing outrage on social media and spreading awareness. People are helping in controlling traffic and helping the others that are struck. Posting live updates of road blocks. Which route to take and which route to avoid. Actual situation pictures and suggestion when to start from a certain location. All these things show how aware and responsible the public is when some thing goes wrong. But still there are some citizens who behave irresponsible, breaking rules in this situation. One person’s selfish thought of breaking a barricade to enter a one way can make hundred suffer.

Educated citizens who are holding responsible positions  in reputed companies are  breaking rules. Lets not do that. Lets be responsible an follow rules. Don’t cut the line. Don’t enter one ways. Help the vehicles that struck because of repairs. Lets think of others who are trying to get some where too. Lets be care full this rainy season.  Lets do our individual duty first and let force the authorities to do their duties as well!

Be safe and Happy Monsoon!

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