The much-awaited movie of the year has been released and fans of Keanu Reeves cannot wait to watch it. Our favorite Jonathan Wick is back with the ballet of blood. Though the John Wick series is not about story, it’s about how this man confronts the tragedies of life.  Let’s see some interesting facts about John Wick 3:
John Wick Horse

Jonathan Wick on horse

1.    If you are bored with trendy teenager movie stuff like Student of the Year 2 and love action movies then John Wick is meant for you. As it offers the best stunts and over the top action sequences. The fun part is the action sequences also includes the killing of villains by horses.
2.    If you love animals, then this movie is meant for you. The cute dog of John Wick is not the only one which looks adorable but also the two dogs of Sophiya (Halle Berry) that are ready to give their lives for their master.
Sophia John Wick Dogs

John Wick Sophia

3.    If you are a fan of MMA/ WWE, you must watch this movie as it offers different styles of fighting from weapons to martial arts, everything you can think of. Keanu Reeves prepared for the role by learning martial arts and weapon training for more than 8 hours a day for almost 4 months.
4.    The best part of the movie comes when even the ruthless villain fighters after fighting with John express their gratitude towards him and tell him they are all his fans and it is an honor to fight with him. I told ya, John has gotta big name.
keanu reeves

John Wick

5.    Not only the movie consists of bloodshed, but even in real life Michael Nyqvist cut his head open during a shooting scene which resulted in 80 stitches and some of the scenes had to be redone.
At last, I would like to say… Be seeing you …in the 4th Movie of John Wick which is planned to release in 2021.
Happy Reading!
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