Alone MovieAlone is a bollywood remake Thai horror film about two conjoined twins who fell in love with the same man. Directed by Bhushan Patel of Ragini mms.

Sanjana and Anjana (Bipasha Basu) are Siamese twins that are physically and emotionally yoked. Their dependence on each other is deep and they vow to preserve their bond for eternity. Their sisterly bond and love is tested when the handsome Kabir (Karan Singh Grover) walks into their lives.
Both Sanjana and Anjana falls in love with kabir,, but the man that they fall for reciprocates the feelings of only one of them.

The sisters are separated, one of them loses her life in the bargain, and the other flies away with Kabir to a life of marital bliss. Years later, Kabir and his wife return to the family home when the girls’ mother meets with an accident.

The spirit of the dead sister confined all these years to a room in the house grabs the opportunity to make her presence felt in ways that can only rattle the married couple.

But does the repeated appearance of the ghost and her malevolent shadow add up to genuine shocks for the audience?

The director, the cinematographer (Prakash Kutty) and the editor (Devendra Murdeshwar) try their best to whip up dread through a mix of horror movie effects. They do get it right on a few occasions, startling the audience out of the seats.

But once it becomes clear what on earth is going on in the house, the fear factor diminishes considerably and the rest of the film turns into a matter of merely going through the motions.

Especially those that have seen the Thai original will find Alone largely forced, if not entirely off target.

Bipasha is obviously not solitary figure in Alone. She plays both Sanjana and Anjana and has to carry a whole lot of weight on her shoulders. Inevitably, the effort shows all too often. Her task is made all the more onerous because lead actor Karan Singh Grover, who flashes his well-toned body at the drop of a hat but does not appear quite as adept at conveying emotions, appears to sleepwalk through his role.

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