Who will be Bigg Boss season 5 winner?? The BB house may be the most infamous house in India with its contestants and their dirty pasts, but this house is the most popular house too. Bigg Boss is the reality show with controversial contests trying to co-existing in a house detached from any type of communication from outside world. The show’s fifth season is on the run currently and is only 3 weeks far from its finale.

It need no introduction for the dedicated viewers. Some call this show a lunatic attempt to exploit human emotions but i think otherwise. I like to watch this show and analyze the human behavior under a restricted environment. Its like an experiment on human behavior and viewers response to the events is kind of amazing.

In my opinion none of the contestants are totally genuine or totally fake. But one thing I observed is… no one will be able to pretend for a long time. We will definitely see their true nature. I don’t want to be judgmental about anyone but want to give my opinion on contestants. I know none of the contestant personally and all I know about them is from media only.

With no offense to any body the first person I would come up with is Pooja Bedi. When she entered the house I liked her behavior, her ability to stand for the right things. But with the entry of Sky the equation and my opinion both changed. She favored him completely started supporting his loud behavior. After she formed a group with Sky, Juhi, Shonali and Sid started bitching about Pooja Mishra, Amar and the others. She used to like Mahek in the beginning.  I remember her saying “Mehak is a nice girl.” Pooja Bedi and Mehak weretogether when Shraddha Sharma fought  with Pooja Bedi. Along with Sky’s entry the rumors of Salman Khan favoring Mehak also came into house. In my opinion this news made all other contestants insecure of Mehak as they thought that she got support from outside. As per me it seems Sky is very manipulative and played well to turn the game to his favor. He tried his tactics with every contestant and those who fell for this were in his group and remaining were the other group. From this point sky became ring master of the circus and started leashing the hunter on the other group members.

And Amar whom I thought decent and intelligent enough to oppose sky was like a cat on the wall. He played his silent game well and jumped to Sky’s group accepting the rule of Sky. Juhi is biased and a hipocrat putting a nice face to the camera. Her good luck is she is safe in Sky’s basket and was never faced his loud and bitchy mouth. Shonali is silly and at times a dumb bimbo. But some times she is more fair to all than any body in the house, even more than self proclaimed honest Pooja Bedi. Sid is really childish before and used to follow either shakthi kapoor or Sky. But after salman’s warning I guess he became a little independent and thinking for himself rather than following somebody. We must not forget our entertainment quotient Pooja Mishra. When first saw her I thought that she has been ill treated by holding back her suitcase, which is very unfair towards her. But her behavior is the same irritating, egoistic and “who cares” type. I believe that her pushing siddharth is not a violent act than Sky kick opening the captains toilet door when PM is inside. But Bigg Boss is the Boss not us…. so she was out with a violent tag. But she is the same PM even after her return into the house for the second time. God save her.

Here we gave some tags to each contestants

Pooja Bedi – Biased(towards Sky may be because he said her that “HE ADORES HER”)

Amar – Jumping Jack ( He will jump there where he sees his gain)

Juhi – Hipocrat ( No body is that perfect)

Sky – Manipulator ( His every act is for game and to win)

SID – Childish ( He need a teacher)

Shonali – Silly ( But a breath of fresh air in this boxing ring)

Pooja Mishra – SPARE ME ( Even though she is not a contestant we can’t ignore her you see)

Whom will it be….out of this outrageous group of contestants will emerge as the winner of BB5. Surprise!! Sunny Leone is the winner with her online image and craziness of people towards her image in and OUT of the house.

Just Kidding! Share your opinions with me! Keep guessing!! Any genuine and decent comments are most welcome! Love to see your response!

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