It started way back! A lot of great movies like interstellar, Martian, Star Trek, Alien and so on are based on creating human future on planets other than the Earth. We human beings have always been trying to search for something more, probably think of a situation where you get to celebrate your birthday/Anniversary on the moon or any other planet inhabited by humans or similar species. Wouldn’t it be awesome?

Sunset at Exoplanets like Earth
Sunset at Exoplanets like Earth

And today when the news arrives that scientist and researchers are almost on the verge of inventing life on an uninhabited or unknown planet gives us goosebumps. Yes! Life is possible just like a few decades back when far away communication was almost impossible and today, we have options of call, video calls, and conferences. Thus, anything is possible considering aliens, life on unknown planets or UFO.

Here we present you some facts about the two planets discovered possibly may have life:

1.    These two planets orbit a star known as “ Teegarden’s Star” just like Earth orbits Sun.

2.    They’re located in the perfect zone for water to form on their presumably rocky surfaces.

3.    According to some Astrophysicist of Germany, these planets are slightly heavier than Earth and are located in a completely inhabitable zone where the possibility of water is realisable.

4.    The two planets look very similar to Earth and also resemble inner planets of the Solar System.

5.    The temperatures of the inner Planet Teegarden B is quite similar to Earth’s 28-degree centigrade whereas Teegarden c has a surface temperature more like Mars, which is roughly 47°C.

Hope you enjoyed!

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