Guru Purnima is a tradition often followed by Hindus. Guru Purnima falls on the full moon day of the month of Ashadha. This day is specifically dedicated to the spiritual Guru’s who enlightens one’s path is reaching the ultimate truth. Guru poornima is mostly considered as a hindu tradition, widely followed in India and Nepal, but also followed by Jains and Buddhists. This is the auspicious day for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains all over the world to revere their spiritual gurus and shoe their respect. appreciation towards them.

Guru pooja is done by the people to show their gratitude towards their teachers in life. Not only the spiritual Gurus and teachers, but every person from whom we learnt some thing can be considered as our Guru. The Word “Guru” is derived from two Sanskrit words “Gu” which means darkness “ru” which means remover of darkness. So Guru is the “ONE” who removes darkness from our life and show us the path of truth through his knowledge and teachings.

In Hindu tradition, this day marks the day of Adi Guru/Adi Yogi, the first Guru- Lord Shiva start his teachings by teaching Yoga to his seven students called saptharishis. Guru Punima is also referred as Vyasa Poornima, in the name of sage Vyasa who divided the four Vedas. In Buddhism, this day marks the day of Buddha’s first teachings after his enlightenment.

Specially in 2019, in India we are having a Lunar Eclipse on this full moon day of Guru Poornima. For the first time, after 149 years, the Chandra Grahan (lunar eclipse) will coincide with Guru Purnima on 16 July, 2019. This is a partial lunar eclipse which can be seen in India along with some other parts of the world.

Apart from the above reasons , the Devotees of shiridi Sai Baba, also specially celebrate this day in Sai baba Temples though out the country and abroad.

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