The truth is we could never find out where she is. Till date, it remains unknown whether she was kidnapped, murdered or sold to a pedophile gang. The 3-year-old beautiful girl with a rare birthmark in the right eye enjoying her vacations with parents is lost in the battle of media. Despite several attempts to search her, police failed to find any groundbreaking evidence but here we present you some facts which are unknown to many. After small digging, there were many aspects, shady activities and strange responses by Madeleine’s family. Seven such facts are below:

Madelein McCann
Madelein McCann

1.    In November 2016, an interview with a trained statement analyst confirmed that body language of Kate & Gerry McCann showed signs of deception pointing to the death of Maddie in the apartment and no possibility of abduction.

2.    According to a Scotland Yard detective, the man who carried Maddy on 3rd May must have been Jane Tanner who is friends with McCann s. According to investigation though both of Kate & Jane claimed Maddie was playing tennis with them but the story does not match and create discrepancies. Also, pictures shown as evidence of playing suggests a mismatch of Maddie’s clothes between 1st May and 3rd May.

3.    Maddie’s DNA (blood stains) was found in the car rented 2 weeks after her abduction but the evidence was insufficient.  During a press conference, The McCann’s show the similar pajama that Maddie wore on 3rd May which Jerry’s brother confirmed was Madeline’s later.  So did the kidnapper return the pajama after the abduction?

McCanns in distress

4.    Kate McCann did not answer more than 48 questions in a police interview and also they lied about the shutters being smashed, they were perfectly intact.

5.    The McCann’s did not allow Portuguese Police to have access to the medical reports of Madeleine. It is strange to see that there was no DNA evidence of Maddie living in the apartment of Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Media & Police released a version of how she would look now.

Madeleine McCann aged three and age progressed nine
Madeleine McCann aged three and age progressed nine

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