Bigg Boss Season 5: In the latest eviction episode of BB5 Shonali Nagarani was evicted from the house. That was not at all surprising but the actual surprise was when Salman Khan entered the house for a while to fill some common sense and decency in the brains of the remaining contestants.

He tried not to be rude to the overly rude contestants. He is very upset about  Sky walking away while Mr. Sanjay Dutt is talking to him. He did that not once but twice.

As the episode starts Salman went to enter the house and Sanjay enter the house through the V-TV. Sky apologized for his behavior previous week but Mr. Dutt remained silent with some hand gesture which really not very positively meant that he forgave him. Then Sanjay asked Juhi that who are the 2 strongest male contestants in the house. She named Andrew Simmonds and Sky are the strongest and Sanjay arranged an arm wrestling game between those two in which andrew won the game.

Andrew went to the store room to get his prize and met Salman khan there. Both of them met sweetly and then Amar was there and surprised to see Mr. Kahn there. Then Salman asked Amar to stop wearing those fake T-shirts of Being Human as he don’t worth it to wear them. He then entered house met every body and went on to have a little private chat with Andrew who informs him about the house politics and the behaviour of Pooja Mishra. Salman appreciated his patience and right decision.

Then he sit with all the members started to tell them of the impact they have made in the minds of the audiences who are tired of their nonsensical fights and arguments and are switching off their show. He told of the abusive nature of Siddharth and told him to mind his tongue. Asked Amar to have some spine and clearly told that Pooja Missra has misused the opportunity given to her to prove herself to be a better person. She is as bad as her previous self in the house. He told sky that he lost few friends he had outside the house, because of his loud nature, his way of talking to the fellow housemates, his constant fighting and dominating behavior. Sky being Sky din’t accept this and started to argue with Salman that he is fair and he already apologized to Sanjay Dutt for his act and  Sanjay has also forgiven him. But Salman said ” I really doubt that!”. He also added that Sky always threatens people that he will see them outside, now Salman and Sanjay will see him outside the house.

Before leaving he also hinted Juhi people are watching every thing everyone will be welcomed outside as per their deeds in the house including taking wrong side or supporting wrong group.

After that he left the house on a friendly note hugged every body and lightened the moment by joking with siddharth, that what he will calll him Dada jaan, to which Sid replied that he will stick with Bhai Jaan.

After coming out of the house, came the elimination of Shonali who has mixed feelings about this eviction. She was happy to be out to celebrate her birthday with family but also sad that she got evicted after coming to last month of the show.

After this extra knowledge about themselves from outside will the housemates thought of these suggestions or not will be seen today. If they don’t follow then they are really disgusting of all people from all seasons of Bigg Boss.

Wait and Watch to know!

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