Apple revealed the iCloud for iPhones, iPads and ipods on Monday at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple CEO Steve Jobs called iCloud as their “next big insight.”

The iCloud is Apple’s new wireless data sync service that syncs contacts, calendars, photos, videos and mail across devices.

“iCloud stores your content in the cloud and wirelessly pushes it to all your devices,” says Mr. Steve Jobs.

Previously, users had to copy music files onto their devices.

Jobs described the process, “If I acquire a song, I buy it right on my iPhone, I want to get that to my other devices. I pick up my iPad and it doesn’t have that song on it. So I have to sync my iPhone to my Mac, then I have to sync my other devices to the Mac to get that song.”

“Keeping these devices in sync is driving us crazy,” he said to laughter on Monday.

But now with the iCloud, “uploading” will essentially be unnecessary.

“So now, if I get something on my iPhone, it’s sent up to the cloud immediately. Let’s say I take pictures … and they are now pushed down to my devices … automatically,” Jobs explained.

“Everything happens automatically and there’s nothing new to learn. It just works.”

Apple made iTunes in the Cloud immediately available on any iPad, iPod Touch, PC, Mac or iPhone running the latest version of Apple’s software.

Verizon iPhone customers still haven’t gotten the latest version of the iPhone software that was released to AT&T customers in March. In fact, AT&T iPhone customers have gotten three minor updates since then, and they’re running iOS version 4.3.3. Verizon customers are still stuck on version 4.2.8.

ITunes in the Cloud allows users to automatically push songs they purchased in iTunes to all other devices that run the latest version of iTunes.

With that service, users will be able to access up to up to 20,000 songs from their entire iTunes libraries — including those songs not purchased on iTunes — on all of their devices for a fee of $25 per year.

Apple has not yet said whether all iPhone users will receive the update at the same time.

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